Tweaks to Speed-Up Windows 10

Using Windows 10 as your operating system is not an easy task. Though this is not the case that windows 10 is difficult to operate but the problem is it is big in size which can make your laptop/pc to lack performance. Our internet is also full of advices regarding the same matter. For example while browsing a site and you encounter a pop up claiming that your PC lacks optimal performance so install our software to make your windows better, etc. In case that you fall prey to these invitation then you have opened the gates of your windows for malware and spyware. If it is not the case then you must know some tweaks to help you boost your windows without any virus;

Regularly Use Cache Cleaners

CCleaner is probably the best choice for doing this. The best part is that it won’t consume any extra memory space, it is small in size as well as it is virus free. What it does is, remove all the unnecessary files which ultimately speed up things. However, uncheck the internet cache before performing the step to avoid deletion of browser cache because it will slow things up for your web browsing.

Weekly Use Disk Defragmenter Defragment Your Disks

Disk Fragmentation will improve windows performance, though if you have solid state disks running for you, then this is not needed.

Minimize Your Pagefile

The windows Pagefile has usually crash dumps and it is used when windows memory is nearly at its fullest capacity to write some file contents and thereby providing room for more tasks. If your windows has enough supporting RAM, then the use of Pagefile is minimum and disabling it is beneficial. Disabling more likely means to reduce its maximum size and allocate less space to Pagefile.

Turn Off Unnecessary Services

There are mostly services running on windows 10 that are rarely used like, media sharing services, etc. and use of these services is very limited. Turning these off will help to improve windows performance.

Edit Registry Files

Create a backup of your registry files and then download a registry script to speed up windows 10 or edit it manually; like editing the windows starting time and shutting down time frame, and so on. It is better not to mess up things on your own so download a script that has good performance.

Disable Animations and Eye Candy Effects to Improve Performance

Windows 10 has lots of effects and animations running and so disabling them will also speed up your working because they utilize a lot of system resources.

Risultato immagini per Turn Off Sound Notifications windows 10

Turn Off Sound Notifications

Windows 10 has a lot of sound notifications for various events, like opening a folder, connection of a device and so on. These usually drain windows performance because they are an additional utility so turn these off.

Remove Unwanted Programs from Startup

When windows 10 starts up, it consumes a lot of time because there are numerous programs that are adjusted to start with windows simultaneously. Disable these unwanted programs from windows startup in task manager.

There are a lot of things to do to speed up your windows but probably the best choice is to invest and shift to solid state disks. They will really change your work environment from 50% to 100%.