Using Windows 10, Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 is a smooth and easy to use operating system for your device.  It comes loaded with a lot of features and apps that you can easily use.  It also has the ability to add applications that are useful for you which is a nice feature.  There are some things that are intuitive and you will know how to use them right away.  There are some things that you need to know a trick to easily do something and that’s why I am sharing some useful Tricks with you.  There are so many easy things you can do that make Windows 10 even more functional for you.  In addition, you can adjust certain settings to get it to work the way you want it to.  Today I will review some tips to help you get an even better user experience.

  • Viewing your apps on all your Virtual Desktops -In a previous post I had spoken about how to create a Virtual desktop and how to move things between your desktops. You can also View your apps in each of the desktops.  They have a default taskbar to show Windows and Apps that you are using in your current desktop.  If you want to be able to see all the apps you are using across multiple desktops you can do that.  To change what shows up in the taskbar to show apps in the multiple desktops, simply go to the Start menu, then click settings, click system, click multitasking and then click Virtual Desktops.  You will then select “All Desktops” from the drop down menu.
  • Search from the start menu – a super easy feature that is quite useful. Just go to your start menu area and click on the magnifying glass.  From here you can click what you want to search, for example: apps, settings, documents, photos, music, web.  It’s a nice useful feature
  • Customize your start menu – A nice feature with the Windows 10 start menu is that you can customize to be set up exactly how you want. Just go to Settings, then Personalization.  From there you can adjust many things.  You can click start in this menu and click Start.  Here you can select to show more tiles or turn that off.  You can select to show more suggestions in start.  You can turn on or off the feature to show most used apps and to show recently added apps.  You can select to turn on and off the start full screen.  You can turn on and off the feature to show recently opened items in the jump lists on start or the taskbar.  You can also choose which folders will appear on the start menu.
  • Personalize your Desktop – There are many more ways to personalize your desktop. You can change your background on your desktop easily.  To do this you go to Start menu, then Settings, then click background.  Once there you can choose from the drop down and select: a picture, a color or a slide show.  You can customize your colors.  You can select for Windows to automatically pick an accent color from your background or pick one yourself to be your accent color on your tiles.  You can have it show color on your start menu by selecting the on feature.  You can also make your start, taskbar and actions center transparent.  On your lock screen you can choose what background to show and choose what app to show a detailed status on the lock screen.   You can also choose apps to show a quick status on.  Here you can also adjust your screen timeout settings as well as your screensaver settings.

Keep an eye out for more posts with helpful hints for making the most out of your Windows 10 experience.