12 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Although windows 10 is probably the best windows experience till now but still it lacks some productivity that can be made a lot better by adding few more apps to work with. It is not appropriate to say that windows lack productivity but it can likely be expressed that there is a lot more that can be added with the option available for windows user to add other apps and desktop applications. These are the apps that can guarantee to be instantly useful when needed. As well as these are the must have programs for better productivity in your windows;


It won’t be wrong to say that this is a digital notebook for everyone, because all forms of notes is supported by Evernote. Be it audio recordings or media notes like images or videos or even any web content, you can simple copy paste those here in a well-organized way.


It is a to-do list app but what is really amazing about this is that it provides sync to all your connected devices. It also has on other amazing utility which is about email reminders, so this can also be used which is why it is one of the best to-do list apps.


It is an app beneficial for both personal and business use. It helps to compile your thoughts and ideas on a board and then display them on a single screen. It forms a structure of thoughts to help you think better and organize your thoughts in a better way.


Poki is a simple client to make your work easier when you are busy and you don’t have a lot time. On Poki, you can save articles for later reading and thus bookmark them in online mode. Whereas when you are in an offline mode you can add more links to it, delete them, etc. So it is helpful client to bookmark stuff.


It is a time tracking app with real time sync option available. Like other time tracking apps it also offer dashboard facility, time reports, offline time tracking, etc.


It is also a time tracking app that can track time from any device. This app is also able to create invoices and has a lot of payment options to offer clients.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It is a lighter version of Photoshop with limited features but enough features to modify and edit the picture for the requirements much more quickly and easily. Thus a time saving Photoshop facility.


It is another app for scheduling tasks in an organized way. This app will let you create to do lists and them marking them complete when you are done with the tasks.

TeamViewer Touch

TeamViewer allows you to have a remote access to other PC that also has TeamViewer installed with mutual coordination. It can help in troubleshooting problems in a remote way for example solving a technical problem or providing some kind of support.

These apps can surely add some productivity if used properly with addition of some other apps.