9 Useful Windows Programs to Have

If you have upgraded your laptop to windows 10 then apart from essential windows app you can have some other useful apps. These useful apps will have less frequency of usage but they will perform their assigned tasks at the best; they can be mood changers or any program that will boost up your PC/Laptop’s performance, or may be some kind of utility programs, and so on. These are the apps that can prove to be instantly useful on the event that they are needed. These are the must have programs for better productivity, communication, media management, and more;


This is a program that lets you try the program you admit will turn out wrong for your operating system. So it basically gives you an environment to try programs or run their multiple instances as well as in the process it provides protection for the windows.


This provides you full details of your folders by their size. They give the list of folders that are biggest in size. As well as it also provides a sound disk cleanup methods for windows.

Wireless Network Watcher

It gives the list of all the computers on your network with all the respective details. Be it their IP address, MAC Address, Name, Network Adapter Company, and so on.

UNetbootin and YUMI

These two are the best tools if you don’t have Linux troubleshooting CDs/DVDs. Linux is very helpful operating system in terms of troubleshooting and these can provide just that.

Process Explorer

Windows Task explorer provides all the necessary information needed but this process explorer can provide a lot of other information as well. It gives complete details of your program with the information of other hardware it is accessing, places where it is used, its main task, etc.

Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

It finds you the product key of software you have in your windows and you are not able to find their product keys. It will run a scan of your computer and provide you the list of all product keys available so that you can write them down.

MalwareBytes, VirusTotal, and AdwCleaner

These are the must have alternative with your antivirus running side by side. MalwareBytes will run when it is asked to check for viruses. VirusTotal will provide more than 50 methods to check a single folder to make sure it does not have any virus. And finally AdwCleaner is the solution to all the toolbar installations that are accompanied with any recent program installation; it will remove them.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

It is the best program to play out with your registry files and modify them according to your needs. It just makes it easier and more interesting than by doing it through registry editor.


What speecy is going to do is simple; it is going to provide you details of your laptop or PC. For example details about your Operating System, RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Graphics, Storage, Optical Devices, Audio, Peripherals, and Network. Just arranging them in a way to find information and specifications of your computer.

This is a short list but use these programs to make your life easier and fun.