Handy Microsoft Windows 10 Tips

Windows 10 has some handy features to make your use of your device more convenient and efficient.  The Windows 10 operating system has many tricks that can help you customize your device and be able to use the tools you want right away with just the click of a couple of buttons.  Sometimes it just takes learning about all the tricks and tips to know what it can do.  Today I will review some handy tricks and tips to help you get better use out of your Windows 10 Machine.

  • Managing your Notifications in Windows 10

Within Windows 10 there is an Action center where all your system notifications will come.  To control what you see in the Notifications just go to the settings, then click system and pick the Notifications & actions tab.  Here you can pick from a variety of settings.  You can select the option to receive tips in Notifications by selecting the one button. If you prefer not to receive the notifications simply select off.  If you want app notifications on you can select the on button under this category.  If you would like to see notifications on the lock screen you can then select the on button under this heading.  You will have the option to show alarms, reminders and incoming VoIP calls on the Lock screen by selecting the on button below the heading.  If you are presenting using your device you can easily hide all notifications.  Just click the on button below the place in Notifications & Actions that says “Hide notifications while presenting”.  This will stop all notifications from coming while it is on.  You can also turn off specific app notifications in this area.  Scroll down to the area where it says Show notifications from these apps and turn off the ones you do not want notifications from.

  • Managing and customizing your quick actions

As mentioned in the previous tip, Windows 10 has an action center.  In the action center you can see Notifications and quick actions.  You have the ability to pick 4 quick actions to show up under the quick actions heading. To choose what is there simply go to your start menu and click settings, then click System and from there pick the Notifications & actions tab.  Here you can select and change what icons appear in your quick action bar.  Here you will pick which icons appear on the taskbar to access easily.

  • Clearing your notifications from the Action center

After awhile you might accumulate quite a few notifications.  To easily get rid of them click on the action center icon in the taskbar (It looks like a speech bubble from a cartoon) and the Action center will start up, click clear all to easily get rid of all the notifications.

  • Turn off live Tiles

If you don’t like the live tiles constantly updating you can easily turn them off by right clicking and selecting “turn live tile off”.

  • Alphabetized the apps to find them faster

Click on the all apps link, then click on any letter, it will pop up the alphabet, now click on the letter your app you want begins with, and you will go right to that section.

  • Rename your tile groups

You will see titles put in the tiles by default.  To make it more personal you can name it yourself with what you thinks fits.  Click in the title and then you will be able to edit it to a name that suits you.

Hopefully these tips will help you get better use out of your Windows 10 operating system.  Make sure to check out all my other posts about tips and settings that will make your experience better.