Essential Windows Apps

If you have upgraded your laptop to windows 10 then you should also install some of the essential windows app in your newest windows 10. It may be the case that they have less usage but they perform some really productive tasks for you when asked. These can be mood changers for fun or some program that will boost up your PC/Laptop’s performance, or may be some kind of utility programs, and so on. These are the apps that can prove to be instantly useful on the event that they are needed. These are the must have programs for better productivity, communication, media management, and more;


Launchy is going to help you launch your programs in a super-fast way. Not only just run programs in a fast way but also an environment to perform tasks like opening files or folders, browsing web, etc. So, it is helpful.


It is just a simple app to expand your typing. It may be the case that you spend a lot of time on your PC for writing purpose and PhraseExpress has made it a lot easier; now your hours can be saved and you can complete your work in few clicks and key strokes.


It is a to-do list app but what is really amazing about this is that it provides sync to all your connected devices. It also has on other amazing utility which is about email reminders, so this can also be used which is why it is one of the best to-do list apps.


Pidgin provides a platform to make chat more easily by bringing all your chatting accounts in one single screen. Thus you can chat at google talk and Facebook at one single screen.


With this app available on your PC, you can have backup of all the hard disks on cloud or your friends PC. Backup has never been so easy without this app so this is a must have app for unwanted events.


This is a tiny little app that will automatically change the background color of your windows according to the time. If it is sunset then an orange sort of tint color, or if it is night then a blue color. It basically adjust the exposure accordingly which is scientifically proven beneficial on health and sleep grounds.


CCleaner is probably the best choice for cleaning cache to improve performance. The best part is that it won’t consume any extra memory space, it is small in size as well as it is virus free. What it does is, remove all the unnecessary files which ultimately speed up things. However, uncheck the internet cache before performing the step to avoid deletion of browser cache because it will slow things up for your web browsing.


It is so much better than the simple notepad on windows and it add extra features in simple work environment. Adding colors, option to compare two documents, and so on.

Though there are a lot of other essential apps but these were the must have to add more productivity and utility features in your windows and ultimately to make your life easier and fun.