Best Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks of Windows 10

Windows 10 provide an ultimate experience with the ability to add more enhancements in your experience. With the help of some more tweaks and tricks this experience can be taken to a whole new level. Also there are some hidden features that most of the users have no idea about them and using those can also benefit windows user.

Using Edge for Shopping Purpose

Whenever you are planning to shop online, always use Microsoft edge as your main browser. As Cortana is enabled in windows 10 and it will keep informing about coupons, discounts, etc.

Set up GodMode

It is a hidden feature that most of the users have no idea about. How can it be operated is simple; you only have to create a folder named “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.” in your root drive.

Resize the Start Menu

Windows 10 allows its user to resize the startup menu according to your needs and requirements which makes it more customizable.

Disable Live Icons

You can even disable these live icons on your taskbar because most of the time they are not that useful and may appear distracting to most of the user. This is a simple task and can be achieved by just reducing the size of start menu.


This is known to be the digital assistant of Windows 10 truly because it has a lot of features for the users. You can use it for voice search, or for saving locations, or setting reminders, or getting directions, or even get-a-glance information.

Multiple Desktops

Windows 10 allows user to create multiple desktops by clicking the task view and creating a new desktop by clicking plus sign at right bottom. Also the switching between these desktops is not a difficult or time consuming task; this also is possible by clicking the task view.

Dedicated Windows 10 browser: Microsoft Edge

This new browser is quiet easy to use with a lot of features to use. This can also be used like Cortana when it is enabled in windows 10 which means that Cortana can be used inside Edge. Edge allows us to change the default search engine, annotate, highlight, & insert notes, use reader mode feature, share links in a easier way, enable dark mode ability, pin websites to start menu, enable ‘do not track’ facility. Apart from this, edge has made it quiet easier to navigate between tabs. Last but not the least, there exist an option for carrot browsing through which users don’t have to use their mouse or click pads and all the tasks can be done by keyboard navigation.

Change the Login Screen Background

Login screen background can be changed and as a matter of fact it is not known to many users. Though this not possible genuinely but a third party app can be used to achieve this without the fear of having virus in you windows.

Create & Restore a Full Windows 10 Backup

Windows 10 allows its users to have a full backup of your customized and present windows 10 by simple using the built-in utility, ‘system-image’.

Windows 10 has a lot more to do which can be found out by exploring it more and more. This just is a top notch of its hidden and interesting features.