Maximizing your Windows 10 Experience

The Windows 10 updates have made this operating system even better than it was when it first came out.  There are many features that are new and exciting for the Windows 10 user.  If you learn to maximize the system and customize it to your preferences you will be able to become much more efficient.  It’s worth the deep dive into finding all the options and features that might not be obviously available for Windows 10 on first glance.  Below I will review some of the features and options you should try out.

  • Stream Media right from your computer

You can stream media from your Windows 10 Edge Browser directly to miracast or DLNA equipped devices onto your TV.  To do this you will need to pen your edge browser and open up the video you want on your TV.  You will then click on the three horizontal dots located in the top right hand corner of the Edge browser.  You will then see a drop down menu; you will want to then click Cast Media to Device.  Then a black window with your nearby DLNA or Miracast device will pop up.  Click on your device and then your media should show up on your screen.  This is a great way to stream videos right onto your TV.  If you typically use your computer or Tablet to stream fitness videos this will be a GREAT feature for you!

  • Move Windows between your virtual desktops

I previously had posted about some nice easy features that allow you to create multiple virtual desktops.  This is how you can easily switch which open virtual desktop a window is in.  To do this go to the Virtual desktop that your window or application is in that you want to move.  Click the Task View button (This is the one that looks like a square with two rectangles on the side- it is located right below the search icon- see my first post for more detail) then click and hold on the app you want to move and drag it to the Virtual Desktop you want it to go to.

  • Use the Battery Saver option

To help with your battery life on your laptop or tablet you can set up the setting of Battery saver which automatically starts up when the laptop or tablet’s charge goes under 20%.  To do this you click the Start menu, then Settings, and then click System and then Click Battery saver.  You will then be all set.  It will automatically kick in when your battery charge gets too low.

  • Arrange your Windows on your screen

I had previously posted about the snap feature which quickly lets you put Windows side by side or in one quarter of your screen.  This is a great feature.  You can also arrange your Windows differently.  If you right click on the taskbar it will give you three ways your Windows can be set up.  The options are Cascade the Windows, Show the Windows stacked and show the Windows side by side.  So you can easily pick the way it will work best for you.

  • Schedule your restarts

This is a great feature.  Windows will periodically need to update your machine.  Now you can schedule a time for it to reboot after it updates.  To do this go to the start menu and click settings, then click updates and recovery and then click Windows Update.  Click the “Select a restart time” button.  If there is an update pending you can schedule the update time right then.  If you go into the advanced options link on the screen you can click on Windows to notify you to schedule a reboot whenever there is an update pending.

Keep an eye out for future posts with more hints for your windows