Getting the most out of Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is a nice blend of some of the original features people loved combined with great new tools to make it function even smoother and more efficient for users.  There are many hidden pieces that when used can make it an even more powerful operating system.  While many users were skeptical of Windows 10, when you dive into it the operating system definitely delivers a better experience than previous versions.  Today I will review some more helpful tools to use in Windows 10 to get the most out of your operating system.  Read below for some helpful hints.

  • Use the Find My Device Feature

This is a great feature as it will help you find your device if it becomes lost.  It doesn’t offer a remote lock or to delete your data yet as the IOS devices do, but it is still useful.  To activate it you want to head over to your Start Menu, click the window icon then. Click Settings and then click update & security, then click Find my device.  Make sure you are signed in with your Microsoft account.  From here you will click the Change button and then enable the Save my device’s location periodically option.  This will allow you to log into your Microsoft account and locate the last location your device was at.

  • Use the Multiple Virtual Desktop feature

If you are like me and like to have many things open at the same time for different reasons then you will love this feature.  Simply go to your start bar and click the icon under your search icon.  The search icon looks like a magnifying glass.  Click the icon that looks like a box with two little rectangles behind it.  This will show you all your windows open (also a nice feature).  From there click the plus button in the bottom right hand corner then click new desktop.  Then you will see the new desktop and it once you click on the little picture of the new desktop it will come to the front on your screen.  If you want to get rid of your extra desktop, just click the icon that is below the search feature again (looks like a square with two rectangles), then click the x on the desktop you want to get rid of (you must hover over it to see the x)

  • Choice of using File Explorer Quick Access view or turning it off

This is a nice feature because we all have our own preference on what we like and don’t like.  The Windows 10 file explorer will default to your most frequently accessed folder.  It shows you the things you have recently worked with which can be a bonus.  Some people prefer the “This PC” view to the “quick access” view.  To get this option to work for you go to your File Explorer by clicking the folder icon in your start menu.  Then click the file button in File Explorer and click Change Folder and Search options.  You will see a spot that says Open File Explorer to, change the drop down menu to This PC and you are done, Just click apply and close.  From here you can also change some settings that allow you to choose if you want each folder you open to open in its own window or not, if you want to have items open by a single or double click you can choose that here as well.  This is also the place you will be able to clear your File Explorer history.

I hope these hints are helpful.  Keep an eye out for more posts detailing the features and settings of Windows 10.