How to Print a Document When You Don’t Have a Printer

When you have a document you need to print as well as a lack of a printer, you have a few options to get that from digital form to physical form. Here are a few ways you can get a document printed if obtaining a printer isn’t an option.

First, you should get your document ready in a format where you can easily print it out. Usually this means either a PDF file or a Microsoft .docx file. If your document is a web page, you’ll probably want to print to PDF file from your browser. If it’s already in the form of a .docx file, you’re probably best off keeping it that way.

Second, you’ll need some way to transport the file. One typical way of doing this is to use a USB flash drive. Another option is to email the file to yourself. You could also use one of the wide array of storage services available for free, such as Google Drive. If you only have a CD drive and a CD, then burning the file onto a CD could also be a bit more of an antiquated option.

Once you’ve put your file on your desired storage mechanism(s), it’s time to figure out where you will have your files ready. The first option is to use an institutional printing service. This means that if you go to a school, you can use your school’s resources to print out your document. Likewise, you could use any public library to print your documents. Most public libraries will allow any member of the public to use their printing resources. Remember to bring some spare change to print out your document!

If using these free resources isn’t an option for you, there are still some other commercial options to explore to print your .docx file or PDF file. Assuming that you cannot get a friend or family member to print out your documents for you, try going to a local business center. These are run by companies like FedEx and UPS and are usually available at their store fronts.

Once you get to a business center, note the price to print your documents. For small document printing services, it will be more expensive than a library would charge you. It’s usually in the ballpark of $1 or $2.

Hopefully these printing methods for your .docx file or your PDF file work out!