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About – Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has some great advances and features to explore.  There are many tricks and settings you can utilize that aren’t readily apparent.  When Windows 10 first came out I was skeptical about updating to  the new operating system.  I had heard a variety of cautionary tales about updating.  I was using Windows 7 and heard that Windows 8 was not great, so I was hesitant.  After waiting for about 6 months I finally decided to take the leap.  I am very glad I did because I have discovered many great features and personalization features.  You really can customize it for exactly how you want to use your device and Windows 10.  It also works seamlessly on any type of device and size.  You can easily use Windows 10 on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Through this blog I will discuss all the cool features, settings and customizations that make Windows 10 a good operating system.  Some of the tips and tricks that I will review are in the following areas:

  • Customizations

There are many types of customizations you can make in your Windows 10 Operating system.  Some of the areas you can customize are the start menu, the colors of the background and taskbar.  What your tiles you want up in your taskbar.  You can adjust the sizes of the tiles and start menu to your liking.  You can customize how Cortana works and what she does.  You can have her be able to respond to you when you say Hey Cortana or you can stop her from being able to do that.  You can set Cortana up to be able to get to know you and what you want along with your location.  She can check your contacts and appointments.  If you don’t want to do that you can turn any of those features off.  You can also control your privacy settings to what you like.  You can limit what your device and operating system knows about you.   You can control what apps know your location, contacts etc.  You can make it so it knows none of that.  You can also control what apps are in your taskbar and what notifications you receive.

  • Features

There are numerous features in the Windows 10 operating system.    There is a find my device feature that is helpful to locate your device if you are not sure where it is.  There is also a feature to easily create multiple virtual desktops.  This is easily done and you can easily flip back and forth between multiple desktops on your device.  You can also easily delete a virtual desktop without any problem.  You can also move Windows from one virtual desktop into another without any problem.  There are even key shortcuts to do all this.  This can make it very easy to multitask.  There is a feature offered that allows you to see your most frequently accessed folders but you can change this if your prefer to see your PC folders instead.  There is a nice email application for Windows 10 that has some nice features.  There are multiple keyboard shortcuts in addition to the ones used for the virtual desktops.  There a very cool feature if you have an Xbox that allows you to play your games on your computer.  You can even video some of your game playing.  If you have a touch screen capable device you can easily switch between desktop to tablet mode with a couple of clicks.

I look forward to sharing fun tricks with you for your Windows 10 device.