FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Windows 10

There are many questions that people have about the Windows 10 operating system before and after they buy it.  There are so many hidden or slightly hidden features that getting tips and tricks on using it is a must.  Here I will answer your questions about the Windows 10 Operating system.

  1. I have heard I can customize the start menu on my Windows 10 operating System, What can I customize and how do I do it? This is correct; you can customize how much you want on your start menu.  You can also customize what size you want it to be.  You can pin applications and programs to your start bar that you want easy access to. To change the size of your start menu you click and hold the cursor by the start box and then drag it to the size you want.  You can pin your apps by right clicking on the app you want to pin.
  2. I have heard there is a way for me to create multiple desktops on my Windows 10 operating system. Is this true and how do I do this?  That is true; you can create a virtual desktop very easily on your Windows computer.  One of the easy ways you can do this is to click the little icon under the search bar in your start menu that looks like a square with a rectangle on either side and then click new desktop in the bottom right hand corner.  You will then have an extra desktop.  If you want to close it just click on the icon below the search bar again and click the x on the desktop you want to close.
  3. I want to have an email application that I can add multiple accounts to on my Windows 10 device. What do you suggest?  The email client that comes with the Windows 10 system has a lot of nice features.  You can easily add multiple email accounts to this email application.
  4. I want to be able to easily arrange my Windows so I can see multiple ones at the same time. How can I do this?  You can do this in a few ways.  You can use the snap feature which quickly moves your Windows to the right or left side of your screen.  You can also easily cascade or stack your Windows.  To do this you will want to right click on the taskbar and pick the option you want.
  5. I would like to be able to quickly connect to the Internet wherever I am, how can I do this? Make sure your Wi-Fi Sense settings are on and it will automatically remember your connections and try to join any open hotspots.
  6. I want to be able to do a quick search for an app or document on my Windows 10 device, how can I do this? Simply go to your start menu and click the magnifying device.  From there you will pick what you’re looking for, (for example an app or document) and then you select it and start to type the name; you should then see your item you are looking for.
  7. I like to work in multiple windows. Are there any features that are going to help me with this?  The Scrollable background feature will be great for you.  While working on one app you can move your cursor over and scroll on another window or app without having to activate it.
  8. I have a lot of notifications in my action center. Can I clear them?  Yes you can clear them very easily.  Just click on your action center icon and then click clear all and your notifications will delete.

Let me know any other questions you have!