Helpful Hints for Windows 10

Helpful Hints for Windows 10

Windows 10 has many great features and customizable settings that you can utilize to help you have the best operating system you can for your desktop or laptop.  The great thing is that Windows 10 runs a variety of devices, so once you really learn how to utilize the best it has to offer it will transfer to all your other Windows 10 Devices.   Today I will share some helpful hints for getting the most out of Windows 10.

  • Try out the new Email Application

This email client has a lot of nice features.  It has a collapsible 3-mailconversation view and an email preview column.  It also uses buttons to easily add to your calendar events as well as contacts.  You can add multiple email accounts to the Windows email application, making it very useful.

  • Try out the New Keyboard shortcuts

This is a super easy way to change the window or program you are in to take up half your screen or a quarter of the screen.  Just click on the Windows button and then click the right arrow to have it become half your screen.  Click the Down arrow to make it a quarter of your screen.  This is a very nice feature especially if you like to jump back and forth between multiple windows and programs (as I frequently do!).  You can also tap just the window key and it will automatically bring up your start menu.  Click the Window button and your tab button and you can quickly see all your open windows, and virtual desktops.  Speaking of Virtual Desktops, in a previous post I had mentioned how to add virtual desktops.  There is also a quick keyboard shortcut for this.  Click the Windows key and the control button and the D button at the same time and you will quickly create another Virtual Desktop.  ios-keyboard-shortcuts-new-1024x768To quickly close the current virtual desktop you are in you can click the Windows Key, the Control Key and the
F4 button at the same time. To easily switch between your virtual desktops click the Windows button, the control button and the left or right arrow.

  • Use the Feature to play Xbox one games on your Windows 10 Computer

This is a very nice feature if you have an Xbox one you use regularly. As long as you are connected to the same wifi network as your Xbox you simply open up the Xbox application on your Windows 10 computer, make sure your Xbox is on.  You should see the Xbox symbol open on your computer.  You will need to sign in if you haven’t yet signed in on your computer.

  • Clean-Win-10To remove old files and clean up your disk space after you install Windows 10

Go to your Start menu, click settings, then click, Click About and then click
on additional administrative tools.  From here you will want to click disk cleanup and this starts the process.  Then check off what you want to clean up.

  • Make your Windows 10 Computer touch – friendly

If you have a computer that has a touch screen you can easily switch it into touch screen tablet mode.  To do this you will want to go to the start screen then click settings, then click system.  From here you will click Tablet Mode to change it to tablet manually.

As you can see there are many great features available on the Windows 10 operating system to get to know.  If you haven’t checked out my previous posts yet be sure to do so for more tips and tricks.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts highlighting other features of the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft Windows 10 has some great advances and features to explore. There are many tricks and settings you can utilize that aren’t readily apparent. When Windows 10 first came out I was skeptical about updating to the new operating system. I had heard a variety of cautionary tales about updating. I was using Windows 7 and heard that Windows 8 was not great, so I was hesitant.

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